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The Diverse Future Communications Program, a partnership with the Arthur W. Page Society, offers rising communications executives of color an opportunity to explore topics that prepare them to make a difference within their own firms, and beyond, as they climb to leadership positions.

As businesses operate in an increasingly global ecosystem, it is also critical for them to understand and reflect diverse perspectives. Greater focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) within corporate communications teams, especially at higher levels, is vital to the future of the profession and its businesses. In fact, research shows that businesses whose leadership reflects a diverse range of perspectives achieve higher bottom-line results and create greater shareholder value over time. And in a 2019 Page Society survey of 171 senior communications executives around the world, 38% ranked diversity & inclusion among the most important attributes of a high-performance culture, behind only agility and ahead of empowered teams and a growth mindset. In many firms the communications function is, increasingly, “the conscience of the company,” which is arguably a more difficult challenge than ever.

The Diverse Future is a powerful tool when it comes to helping companies succeed in their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts — giving companies the opportunity to embrace and enhance the skills of their executives. We also offer Fortune 500 firms access to a high-potential pool of diverse executives for their own future recruitment needs.


A strong team of C-suite decision-makers with broad experience address the key drivers of success in the communications business. They share their views on a variety of subjects crucial to helping communications executives of color achieve their goals.

Roger Bolton

Roger Bolton

Arthur W. Page Society

"Keep eyes open for new opportunities and don’t be afraid to change."

Rosa J Nuñez

Rosa J Nuñez

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Executive
Foley Hoag LLP

"Always be the last to speak. This ensures you have heard all sides of the story."

Amber Seikaly

Amber Seikaly

VP, Environmental/Social/Governance (ESG) and Chief Communications Officer
Neiman Marcus Group

"Strategy without execution is hallucination."

Areas of Instruction

Hear from today's top communications executives of color about the obstacles they’ve faced and overcome, and their best advice for career achievement in the industry.

Learn how successful communications executives of color navigated challenging human resources dilemmas over the course of their careers.

Understand how brands are adopting CommTech and embracing new methods of stakeholder engagement.

Understand how brands are tackling the challenge of creating and integrating multi-platform/multi-media into their marketing and communications strategies.

Understand how brands are navigating the increased challenges around their E & I strategies both within the company, and to their customers and business partners.

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