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News and information remain the lifeblood of American democracy and business. The challenge of bringing quality, well-researched, thoughtful and thought-provoking news and information has never been more vital to the nation. Media organizations are one of the mirrors by which the nation sees its challenges, opportunities, and future.

A lack of diversity in media management has sometimes led to biased and inaccurate coverage of communities of color. In addition, as U.S. demographics change, news outlets need multicultural decision-makers to remain financially robust and socially relevant. The Diverse Future News is committed to addressing these challenges by training and promoting executives and journalists of color to prepare them for leadership roles within the industry.

In fact, due to our success, our program sometimes functions as an outsourced diversity development arm for many of the prestigious brands with whom we work. In all cases, our program augments what brands are already doing to strengthen their rising leaders of color; our partners include: The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC, Bloomberg, Verizon Media, McClatchy (Miami Herald), and The Atlantic, among others.


A strong team of C-suite decision-makers with broad experience addresses the key drivers of success in the news business. They share their views on a variety of subjects crucial to achieving success for media executives of color. Instructors may include:

Prof. Joe Bower

Prof. Joe Bower

Baker Foundation Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School

"Strategy is people."

M. Scott Havens

M. Scott Havens

Chief Growth Officer & Global Head of Strategic Partnerships
Bloomberg Media

"Force yourself to put “think time” in your life. Schedule it if you have to."

Kevin Merida

Kevin Merida

ESPN's The Undefeated

"Let Santa Claus be Your Role Model"

What Our Attendees Have to Say

"The lecture by Professor Linda Hill from Harvard Business School was life changing."

"The presentation by your negotiation expert, Deneen Howell, probably raised our collective future income by 500%!"

"I loved the opportunity to be coached by industry leaders; getting inside information from all the instructors about what you need to succeed is something you just can’t read about…"

"This was an amazing experience that was truly unforgettable."

Areas of Instruction

What are the key editorial and business trends that are crucial for senior managers to understand? A strong team of C-suite decision-makers share their views on strategy in general, and the specific programs that have put them at the top of the industry.

Learn about the career paths of today’s leaders of color as they share their personal stories from inside the corporate media world. How have they managed to thrive? What were the pitfalls that might have derailed their careers? How did they seek out and secure mentors and sponsors who were crucial to their success?

How do media leaders of color successfully navigate corporate and newsroom politics? We hear from experts in the difficult art of building a career within major media organizations.

What venues are open to talented minority media executives who hit the glass ceiling? There are a number of attractive alternatives including management of a non-profit, entrepreneurial options, and other careers in communications that offer the potential for high impact.

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